4 Ways to buy authentic affordable souvenirs on Aruba

No tacky ‘I love Aruba’ t-shirts from China, but only locally made products from Aruba. With a story and supporting the island. Here is four ways to find beautiful, authentic and original souvenirs. 

  1. Go to the Simple Made in Aruba store. Owned by Liliana Muñoz. She made this place where you can find all that is truly healthy and made in Aruba.

Her dream al started a couple of years ago after she discovered the importance of healthy eating and its impact on the well-being of people. Today this dream is a reality and it is called Made in Aruba Store, hosting more than 15 different locally produce products and vegetables from local farms and creators.

2. Go to the Donkey Sanctuary. This is a must go when you are on the island. A beautiful rescue place for donkeys, where you can feed them, watch them. They are being taken care of by volunteers. You can adopt a donkey too, me and my friend adopted Negrita, while we were there.

 They have a shop too with real cool handmade products, like these Christmas. ornaments. You can support the donkeys and bring gifts home, win-win situation. 

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

3. Go to a big supermarket, like Superfoods. Beside groceries you can find a lot of local products here in small packages so you can take ‘m home. 

4. Go to the monthly Farmer market of the Ostrich farm.

Ostrich Farm Aruba woman traveling

Besides local food, they have beautiful art, jewelry and clothing. All made on Aruba. Check out their facebook for the time and date. 








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