Arashi beach Aruba local

Don’t miss Arashi beach on Aruba

The favorite beach of the locals on the North side is Arashi.

The North-side of Aruba is where all the big expensive hotels and pretty crowded beaches are. But North is also where Arashi beach is. A beautiful, local beach with the blue-est water you have ever seen. You can reach it by bus from the high and low rise hotels or by car.

Arashi Beach Aruba

I like Arashi, cause it is less crowded then the ‘hotel’ beaches, is a favorite of the locals and the same amenities as the other beaches at Noord. Beachchairs for rent, a cute beach shack for food and cocktails, locally owned and free palapa’s to get some shade.

And in wintertime you can surf here, on good days there are some easygoing waves rolling in. Walk all the way to the point, to the cliff and then jump in the water and paddle out. And no worries it won’t get that wavy on the beachside, so it is still an easygoing, perfect sea spot in winter and summertime.