Healthy lunch in beautiful fishing village Marzamemi

A beautiful little village in the province of Syracuse on Sicily is the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner, or in my case relaxed, solo, slow food, lunch. It is easy to reach by car and all the restaurants are in one square.


Make sure you walk around all the streets, cause there are also restaurants near the waterfront. I tried to escape the tourist traps, but with my favorite fresh Italian cuisine, aka fresh fish, you can’t really. go wrong. Even if it is a tourist trap. So don’t worry, enjoy walking around. I always check for locals.



How do you do that? You walk but slowly and listen if there are there Italian speaking people on the terrace. That is how I found Friggitoria M’appititta Marzamemi. A cute little terrace in a side street, where you can watch people. Lots of fried fish, but I chose a healthy version. A fresh salmon and mozarella salad, simple, a couple of ingredients but so tasty. 


And cheap, 15,95 euro’s including a drink, bread and tip. Bring a book, find a table with an umbrella to protect you from the sun while watching people, eating an awesome meal and enjoy treating yourself.  

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