Restaurant Aruba

The best Caribbean restaurant on Aruba

is in San Nicolas. Real Criyoyo food, soul food, true Aruban food in between beautiful murals.

This gem is called O’Niel. A must visit when you are on Aruba and have a car, cause it is all the way on the right side of the island in the authentic, laidback and colorful town San Nicolas.

You know It’s good if the locals eat there! O’Niels’ has become a staple of San Nicolas dining, with people for all over the island dropping by. I always eat outside, dining in between the murals is a gift. But inside is where most of the locals sit, cause it has airconditioning.

And the prices are amazing too, everything in florin and so well priced. I had the Carribean island Guave roast chicken. Higlhy recommended! Tasty, tasty, tasty. It was only 14 dollars for this main course and my friend had a Ceasar salad with chicken, that was only ten dollars. Don’t leave Aruba without eating here.

Adress: O’Niel Caribbean Kitchen. B. v.d. Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 15, Aruba. 



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