Local vegan Restaurant Kweekcafe Haarlem
Woman Traveling is a Visual Magazine about authentic travel, with local gems and respect for heritage. » Enjoy fresh vegan food in a wonderful greenhouse in Haarlem – Travel in the Netherlands

Enjoy fresh vegan food in a wonderful greenhouse in Haarlem – Travel in the Netherlands

The vegan pita Paddo in a former greenhouse with all recycled products is doing wonders for your karma.

Local restaurant Kweekcafe Haarlem
City garden Haarlem
Kweekcafe Maaike Beusekom
Local restaurant Kweekcafe Haarlem

Founder Maaike Beusekom studied architecture and had a desk job for ten years, before she pursued her dream: contribute to a world in which people, the environment and the economy (people, planet, profit) are better balanced. She achieves this by providing a place where people are connecting and working together. The Kweekcafé and she serves great breakfast, lunch and bites and the best atmosphere with it. 

Local restaurant Kweekcafe Haarlem

A relaxed and green restaurant, with refurbished, vintage furniture and plants everywhere. 

Great prices too. I had:                       

  • Pita Paddo 8,50 euro (highly recommended)
  • Carafe sparkling water 3,50
  • Glass sparkling water 2,00
  • Coffee 2,50 
  • Pieper stock beer 4,20 
Kids? No problem, cause in the garden there is lots of space and in the greenhouse there is a special play corner.
Kweekcafe Haarlem restaurant
Kweekcafe Haarlem breakfast
Local restaurant Kweekcafe Haarlem

Make the world a bit better with food and drinks. By reducing waste and recycling and using seasonal products as much as they can. That is what the restaurant the ‘Kweekcafe’ in Haarlem does. Go visit this local gem in a hidden city garden in Haarlem. Adres: Kleverlaan 9, 2023 JC Haarlem, The Netherlands. 

Kweekcafe Haarlem kas tuin

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