Best pastechi on Aruba – True Aruban breakfast

WomanTraveling Aruba pastechi

Pastechi is the true Aruban breakfast. You can get it at so-called snacks along the road. It are deep fried pastries and so delicious. Kabayan, a snack in Pos Chiquito, Savaneta is my favorite on the island. Go there before twelve, cause it is breakfast, so they only sell pastechi’s in the morning. Enjoy! 

Kabayan Snack Take Away – Pos Chiquito 24, Savaneta – Aruba pastechi Aruba best food
Aruba pastechi

Order in Papiamento:

Pastechi Keshi: Pastry with cheese

Pastechi Carni: Meat

Pastechi Galina: Chicken 

Galina is my favorite! 

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